Seaweed is a sustainable and untapped resource

We are harvesting most of the species our self, thus protecting the environment from the transportation.

We are building our growth on a sustainable profile. The nature is our livelihood and therefore we treat it with respect. The seaweed is harvested sustainable, that is, over the growth zone, so it subsequently grow again. That way, we are helping to remove nitrogen from the ocean and create some delicious foods for your everyday life.

Nutrient absorption

Seaweed has a great effect to absorb nutrients. The difference is that the seaweed does not need roots for it, as we see in plants on land. This is due to the fact that the cells of the seaweed is in direct contact with the water. For many years, the release of too many nutrients in marine areas has been a political topic, and seaweed plays an important role. Seaweeds ability to bind nutrients temporarily helps on the problem, but when it dies, the nutrients return to the aquatic environment, or binds itself to the seabed. However, if we remove / harvest some of this seaweed, we are helping to reduce nutrient content in the ocean.

Sustainable harvest and production

To harvest the seaweed it must be done sustainably, that is, over the growth zone. In this way the seaweed will grow again and a new algae will not have to be established again. After some time, the plant is again ready to be harvested, now with new nutrients that are removed again. Seaweed should never be harvested in areas with a small amount of seaweed. It is important to harvest in areas with lots of seaweed. In this way, biodiversity is preserved and it will therefore be possible to harvest this place soon.

Our production leaves no waste product, which we are very proud of. Everything is being used and we can do that because a careful sorting process ensures that all our seaweed are useable.