Some of the seaweed types from Denmark

Did you know that we both delivre fresh and dired?

Fresh Toothed wrack
Toothed wrack
One of the most common types in Denmark, have a lovely fresh taste of nuts or peas. Especially the tips are very delicious    
Fresh Chorda filum
Chorda filum
Look like spaghetti, and actually you can use it in this way! - Have a delicious fresh lemon flavon.
Laminaria digitata
A beautiful kelp type from Denmark, very delicious for a good dashi! - Begin to grow at 3-4 meters depth


Okay, almost everyone knows it, but we want to tell it again! Seaweed is some of the best food for vegan and vegetarian, it contain a lot of protein, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.


Did you know that seaweed is a superfood? Some of the good properties seaweed contain is that it boost Weight loss, detoxifying and contain Anti-oxidants. - Read more about all the good benefits at


Seaweed is probably the most sustainable food which exists, it lives off the sun and the nutrients from the water. We harvest gently as it can grow further, and we can harvest at the same place later on.